Small flash for a Sunday night 🙂 Hope you enjoy


I stand tall on the edge of a world which has just fallen asleep. I kiss the stars and whisper them a bedtime story. A goodbye.

Staring into the blackness of the night I dream of my future, of my long, long ago written destiny.

I close my eyes and wait.

I am a descendant. In my heart I carry a task, a promise, a wish yet to come true.

Until now I may have been alive, but never felt like it. No creature on this Earth should know such feeling. Cursed, hollow like.

But soon I shall be released from it. After centuries I am given the opportunity to make this right, to escape on my own. At last I will be reborn. I’ll be truly alive for the first time.


Bright lights tickle my eyelids tempting me to open my eyes.

Ah, here it is, the Sun arising, more beautiful and warm than ever. I can see the ring of flames around it, so far away from the mere mortals below and in such great distance from me the one to become immortal.

And it’s smiling down at me, calling me to fulfill this ancient attempt of my ancestor. It’s provoking me this golden mocker.

I am ready.

My bare feet are just an inch from thin air. I can taste the hot breath of this blazing giant above me.

But I need more than that. I need to touch it, grip it, steal a piece from it and keep it in my soul.

I jump, but it doesn’t feel like jumping. I am a God with wings spread shadowing the day, flying towards a new beginning illuminated by a desire.

I fly; Icarus flies to never fall and never die.

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