They’ve assembled us 05:30 in the morning.

It was cold, dark and the rain was pouring straight into our eyes and souls.

My clothes felt heavy on my and I was soaked to my bones. I usually don’t like rain.

We were escorted to a couple of old Humvees that drove us near the ocean.

When the road ended, we got off and were told to walk in line down to the beach.

 By the time we got there the sky had brightened just enough to see for another step, but it still was a shitty grey.


And the rain had stopped.

I observed the ocean, angry, crawling on the sand, wanting to take, to steal something and drown it deep inside it’s always hungry mouth.

I shivered imagining that terrifying creature of nature, its icy water and how soon I would have to go into it. Give myself to the beast.

We aligned facing the disturbingly calm waves.

A man in military uniform stood before us. He took his time before speaking; his face was harsh and old like a carved stone. When he spoke his voice was raspy. His words were no surprise to me. I had heard them many times before, one way or another.

Here and now was going to be the very last time.

– You think it’s true?

A boy to my left asked lowering his voice.

I looked at him with the corner of my eye and answered his whisper.

– For what I know.

The boy swallowed. He wasn’t nervous. He understood, he knew, just like me and everybody else that if this was true, all would change; not only science and religion but the very basics of nature itself. We would change forever. And somehow that was beautiful just as it was frightening.

“You were chosen” said the general.

Ah, yes. Indeed we were, and for bastards like us it should be a privilege. After all the hard months of testing and being injected with all kinds of chemical compounds, now we actually felt chosen. Godlike if must.

The general made another pause before giving us the final words, those that spoke of humanity’s dreams for eons. My fears and worries of disappointment instantly flew away; my hearth was released of all doubts.

I realised I am proud of hearing them. For once I felt like doing something right, something of worth. Finally I had found my way towards recognition.

So I smiled to myself and simply enjoyed the melody of what he said:

“Ten months ago you were all gathered for one glorious and at first impossible task. And after many,many days, today, here you will become the first humans to enter a world Unexplored, Unknown and Ancient. You, soldiers of humanity will be the first to touch the golden gates of the lost city Atlantis!”

A powerful “Hurrah!” welcomed the words of the general.

Then two men in white lab cloths who were silent to this moment simply standing near, walked to us carrying ten bracelet devices. Grabbing the wrists of each of us they planted them and turned on the tracking system. There was a slight painful sensation. Trust was something precious to the people standing behind all this.

At last we were ready. It began,

All ten men walked into the water preparing for the dive.

The journey would be long, we knew.

But as the immortal sons of science, the ultimate versions of human kind we were prepared and we dived into the ocean to break all reason and sense, to create a new revolution, building it from a myth, by finding and reconstructing Atlantis piece by piece.

One proud thought circulated in my head as I dived. It was set to those simple-minded unbelievers inhabiting this old world- I wished them patience until we bring dreams to reality.

The depths welcomed us.


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