One more chance

Yesterday on my way back from university something out of the ordinary caught my eye. I thought it deserves a story, and here it is. 

Enjoy this short piece of fiction!

One more chance

It was a bit of a sad picture really. The story was told with such disappointment in the voice, and obviously was something that had happened before.

And it was one of those situations to which not many could relate, but at least admit how heartbreaking it truly is. There was great sorrow.

They kept talking, one telling, the other listening with compassion and searching for an advice.

Some man walked past them, not paying any attention to their conversation.

–  This is the fifth time he does this! For a month period! I can’t believe I got fooled again. I mean how hard is it to remember? How hard? It’s not rocket science!

–  Maybe ‘s got some problems?

–  Being drunk again I might say. But that’s not a problem for him. It’s all his doing 24/7! I know he is hurt but for the love of… “Put yourself together man”, that’s what I’ve been telling him. And who’s listening? No one!

There was a deep breath.

– He can’t expect from me to forgive him every time right? A line has to be drawn somewhere am I right?

– Suppose there are som limits and is ok to be mad at im’, but where ya gonna go?

Silence interrupted the conversation.

– I don’t know. Somewhere.

Then silence fell for the second time, remaining for a bit longer. Soon a trembling voice spoke again.

– I’m scared you know. He’s all I have. I don’t want to go with anyone else. I want to be home. I want to be happy as before.

The fear was shortly moved away by a new wave of anger, perhaps brought my the memory of lost days of happiness.

– And last time that almost happened! Some creepy old man wanted to take me with him. Who’s to say this time it won’t happen? He hasn’t showed up yet, and it’s late! I’m such an idiot!

– E’ll come. Cause’ he always does right? You told me he always comes. He wouldn’t leave ya on purpose. Their just like that. Stupid and clumsy ya know? I’ve seen. Mean I’ve observed for some long time, and gotta tell ya a truth, nothin’s more stupid them em’. But eventually they remember. Don’t ya worry. He needs ya. So you calm down, and believe in im’.

– You think? Oh, I hope you are right. Because…because if he doesn’t come here in an hour, I’m walking away with the first stranger that comes! If he can’t value me, so won’t I! Respect him that is! Do you mind staying with me? Just until…

–  Course s’ no problem. I’ll wait.

– Thank you.

A couple stopped for a kiss few steps from them. The boy hugged his girl tighter, closer to him protecting her from the chilling evening air. Soon they became silhouettes in the distance.

– You know you are right. He does need me – There was something in the couple that gave light to the problem, and the voice had cheered up – I’ll give him one more chance. I suppose I’m not ready to give up on him. Besides that I know I’m the one and only good coat he’s got and I feel I should be taking care of him. For as long as I can.

The bird nodded in approval and jumped on one of the tree’s branches where the old, out of fashion dark-blue coat hanged.

The two of them then waited quietly as the park started to darken.

Likes and comments are always appreciated!

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