Silent entrapment

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Silent entrapment 

  Willy was a bad kid since the age of eight. That’s at least what his parents, his teachers, people from the neighborhood or total strangers on the street had told him. Somewhere in the last few months before he had turned eight, something had happened to him, which turned him into a walking disaster, and up to no good lad. Or so did Willy himself think.

No matter what Willy tried to do the right way, at the end…well suffice to say it turned out indeed very wrong. He would break something, some kid’s toy, making it cry, or start a fight with other boys at school. He was impatient most of the time, and that impatience tended to arise to an aggressive state. It wasn’t normal for a boy at his age to be so hyperactive, and that not in the good way.

Willy was disobedient at home and at school, and if he thought at his early years something was wrong with him, later on he didn’t pay much attention to it. He was who he was and what was done was done, no turning back. At the age of 14 he was already a small criminal, fast hands, fast legs, and smart enough to know from who to steal and when.

Advises never worked, counseling either, and as much as his parents loved him they could never swallow down the pain of seeing what person had their precious little boy turned into. His father combined it into one “A screw up. The biggest disappointment this family has seen”. A person, who you couldn’t trust, rely on, depend on; a boy who he wouldn’t call a son anymore.

So he sent Willy to his grandparents for a while until his sorrow eases and he finds a way to forgive the boy.

Three years had passed since then, and only his mother was calling him, asking him if he was okay. She was his mother all right, and mothers were capable of swallowing every pain their children brought to them after a very small amount of time.

Now Willy was at the age of 17 and was running down the road at 23:35, towards the train station hoping to get away from the chasing cops. He could hear them yell from the back “Stop!” and “Don’t move!” but of course no respecting himself criminal ever did that. And Willy was fast, speeding around the corner, the station lights before him, and a train about the set off. Its departure had just been announced.

How lucky he would be to get there, just in time before it takes off, jump in before the coppers get their hands on his hoodie and drag him out, locking him up. And from inside the train Willy would watch their surprised faces with a grin on his face, which would make them understand they’d lost him again. Surely they would curse at that, and then call their fellow police officers positioned near the next train station to catch him there.

Willy wasn’t a yesterday born criminal. He was a shadow when it came to situations like this one. At the next train station he would get off, start walking slowly, no rush needed, just a normal bloke, blending with the other late passengers of the train. He would wear himself as a disguise, and slip right before the eyes of his uniformed watchers.  He needed only to fool them for a second. Just enough.

Willy could’ve been a little brat, but he was capable of figuring out how things could turn for him based on the next step he would make. If his calculations were right he was going to make it on time to the train, and the doors would close just under the cop’s noses.

It happened just as planned. Willy jumped in the train and the doors closed leaving the policeman outside in the cold night. He waved at them, as the train set off and gave the tall slim one a wink. Now finally he could catch his breath. His heart was bouncing in his chest, and he’s knees were shaking a bit from all the running.

This train was known around town as the “Drunkards train”. No one really used it, except the drunks and the very, very late for some reason of their own, passengers. In this carriage there were only two people- a man asleep, and a girl with too much clothing on. They didn’t show any signs of noticing him.

Willy seated himself, staying on the lookout for a sudden police visit and the conductor. He honestly hadn’t had the time to buy a ticket. There was no one coming for him, not now. And even if the conductor came and saw he didn’t have a ticket he wasn’t going to kick him off until the train had stopped, which was fine by Willy. There were approximately 15 minutes until the stop, so he closed eyes and adjusted comfortably on the seat.

The train was nearing the arch bridge.

One thing Willy couldn’t see were the electrical sparkles flying in the night air while some power cut was happening.

He could only hear the repeating, symmetrical sound of the wheels touching the rails, and that monotone music was filling up the carriage, putting him in one of those trances where you are just about to fall asleep. So when it stopped all of a sudden he blinked and looked out the window. It was too early for the train to be on his station. He didn’t feel it stopping.

Something was happening.

He turned away from the window.

There were no graffiti on the doors, no flickering or missing lights, no blue seats. Everything was different. Changed.

The train was traveling silent, not a sound from the wheels, and it was all white and grey.

And the carriage was full of people now. All of them woman, all dressed in black and dark grey dresses, long enough exactly to cover their knees. Their hairs were neat and tidy, all in the same hair style. Only a few women wore a small black hat with a silver crest on it- two ellipses crossing each other; in the middle was a cross which end was the tip of sword piercing through a rose. The eyes of all the women were piercing, fixated into one point, barely blinking. None of them gave Willy a look, and he found himself sitting there next to one lady, a girl probably his age.

Before speaking out a word he looked around, an instinct reaction to the confused mind.

There were three beeps as if something was about to be announced, and then all the women turned their heads to the right looking at something which Willy at first didn’t see.

As he turned, for his terrifying amusement there were multiple screens, which weren’t there a second ago, and all of them showed one sign flashing in big red letters:  SILENCE REGIME WILL BE ENABLED AFTER 50 SECONDS- CONTINUANCE  45 MINUTES. WHOEVER DOES NOT OBEY WILL BE  SEVERELY  PUNISHED BY EARTH LAW 2336 STATING THAT NO INHABITANT OF THE NATION NOR ANY OTHER LIFE FORM CURRENTLY RESIDING OR VISITING EARTH IS GIVEN THE RIGHT TO PERFORM  ANY  TYPE OF SPEECH.

Willy shifted on his seat nervously, slowly gaining the ability to speak again:

–         Erm…hello? Lady? You hear me? What’s this all bout’? Hello? – Willy waved his hand before the woman’s eyes but she didn’t turn to him, nor did speak, just continued staring blankly into some far point of the train.

–         I could swear I was sitting in the old dusty train when all of a sudden I found myself here with…- A loud siren made Willy jump on his feet. The train stopped.

–         What’s happening?! – He shouted out to all of the women. The only sound remained the siren and it seemed to be growing louder.

All the screens were now showing another sign which made Willy’s blood chill:




–         Please someone say something! – Willy was standing in the middle of the aisle looking to find a way out.

Then the siren stopped and a door at the end of the carriage opened. Willy’s eyes widened of what was coming towards him.

Two giant silver robots with black crests engraved on their chests where walking heavily, holding the weirdest, biggest guns the boy had ever seen. Their mechanical legs were making the only sound now. Behind them walked an elderly woman with short hair and a dress which looked like a nun’s cloth but with the colors switched. The crest was golden and bigger; it was a necklace resting on her chest.

With a gesture she ordered her metal servants to move aside. A gallant step, she slowly approached Willy. He couldn’t move. Not that he would dare to.

–         I don… – she put a finger on his lips silencing him. Her eyes were welcoming, warm.

They reminded Willy of his mother and his heart eased for a moment. Her pale hand then touched his face, gently caressing his skin.

But it was a cold touch. The red lips twisted into a little wicked smile telling him there be trouble. She was cruel behind the mask. He could see that.

He tried stepping back only to find her tight grip on his elbow, and the robots moving fast pointing their guns at him. The woman pushed him into the cold hug of the robots. Her face became angry when he started screaming for help, calling out to the silent spectators.

“Someone please! Help me!”

Willy cried and continued screaming his lungs out, kicking and trying to free himself from the hands of the giant robots. Then something pinched him on the neck and he felt dizzy, his thoughts mashing becoming a blur. His screams ceased and his eyes closed.

The woman returned the tranquilizer on the belt of one of the robots and nodded waving a hand for them to take away the drugged boy. The robots marched towards the door dragging Willy.

The girl, beside who Willy had appeared all of a sudden, was just as pale as the woman. A tear was rolling down her cheek, but she just remained staring into nowhere, not blinking, and barely breathing. The woman reached a hand and smudged the tear down the girls face, wetting her lips with a salty taste.

Pleased of her little triumph and the unsuspected catch of a peculiar prize, she followed the guards leaving the young girl with a terrified look and a fast beating heart. She knew what faith that strange boy would face once he awakes. Soon after that the train resumed movement and speeded out into the silence.

* * *

Cops were on the lookout for a young boy, medium height, with blondish hair, blue jeans, dark hoodie and white sneakers.

No one with such description was spotted on the train station and they didn’t find the wanted criminal when searching the carriages of the train.

–         He’s not here. Must have sneaked past by us. The hell should I know?! The station is empty, just a few drunks got off it and a girl. No, no one has seen him. – The police officer turned off the radio.

Then he gave his college a puzzled look. None of them could explain the missing boy in an absolutely empty train station and in a train in which he was reported getting on.

But then again solving such mysteries wasn’t part of their job. And they left.

The old, heavy train continued on its normal boring way right on schedule.

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