The storyteller’s maniacal contract of retribution

I present here four stories each of 100 words. One of them was supposed to be submited for Lily Childs Friday Prediction but due to some techinal difficulties I didn’t meet the deadline. All credit for the chosen words which are Riddle, Hook and Venus goes to her. Two of them are horror as requested.

First attempt at this, not sure if I do it properly or not.

Anyways here you go, and I hope you enjoy them.


 I sit on a bench in a park, reading her letter. Wild leafs chase each other as the old, nortth wind blows, but I keep staring at the words she wrote

With love and all, Venus”.

My eyes widen.

She never loved me.

Her eyes never looked at me, her lips never spoke to me.

A corpse is simply not capable of such…

I am motionless.

A strong blow steals her words from my hand, taking them on a journey far away.

Nevertheless the message is engraved in my mind.

I’ve already bitten the hook and will play her game.

* * *


The two figures walked guided by the light in the sky that was Venus. One of them moved faster ignoring its companion.

“Slow down Lavi!” a male’s voice hissed in the night.

She stopped under a street light, half her face in shadow, the other in fear and tears.  He took her hand.

“We need to think this over…”

“No! I’ve decided. We’re giving the cord, the needle and the hook to the Riddle. It’s the only way Karem.”

Her breath felt warm on his cheek. He saw determination behind the fear. Karem nodded and they continued towards the mansion.



– Tell us another one Wendy! – shouted the pirates gathered up around the little girl in pajamas. She looked at their scary faces, all grown man with beards, bad teeth and ruffled hair, but with eyes filled with child’s curiosity, and felt more important. Grownups usually didn’t care much about fairy tales and once they’ve become lawyers or doctors they’d completely forgotten them. But not these. They wanted to hear more. She glanced and Captain Hook and he smiled at her.

–         Have you ever heard of Venus? – The pirates shook their heads- Listen to this riddle-tale then…



The Crimson Joker hung his last deception on the free hook swinging melancholically from the ceiling.

He turned on heels, humming a lullaby of deformed nightmares and walked towards the tied up girl on the floor.

The bells on his ragged hat accompanied his every step with a single, dull “ring”.  The Joker grinned at her, and licked his lips with a tongue made out of thousand words.  He kneeled before the child of the one who tricked him.

Triumph, at last!

A vulture with a smirk he said:

–         Daughter of Venus, allow me to ask you one riddle.


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