Truth about terror

Friday flash time 🙂 

Enjoy this short piece telling you the

Truth about terror

These damn rope handcuffs are killing me.

I feel like they’ve literally grown with my skin, making my wrists bleed constantly.

I can imagine how my flesh peels with every deeper touch.

I can even smell the scent of dead meat on the rope. How pathetic.

Every movement is another wave of torment.

For how long am I struggling to rid of them I cannot tell… it feels like eternity.

After every attempt I can tell the handcuffs have tightened.

I breathe out a desperate sight, allowing one more stinging sensation to take over and shake me.

My whole body experiences these spasms of agony. I can’t ignore their momentum torture nor can enter some sanctuary in my head.

Becoming accustomed is a myth.

Once the pain has reached unbearable state it remains like that, to make sure pain is all I know.

Slowly I’m becoming embraced in this torture sensation, blind and deaf.  Will it devour me entirely?

I’m scared I will be forever captive in this terror delirium.

Time has stopped existing, completely forgetting about me, leaving me here do decay.

Nevertheless I keep some hope for salvation in my shattered consciousness.

And it makes my brain tick once again in my need to figure out a way to get the handcuffs off, to untie the rope before I go insane. Before I cry out, beg for mercy and give up.

Maybe, just maybe this last time, if I try this…

He turned to the left cursing in his sleep, for a moment colliding troubled dream with blurry reality. He swore again, something more of a mumble and removed the tight bracelet Amy had given him few years back. Why he still had it, he couldn’t tell.

Sentiment perhaps?

He tossed it across the room still half asleep, half awake.

Then he switched position and continued to sleep, freed and dreamed of some beautiful and distant Caribbean beach.



10 thoughts on “Truth about terror

  1. Is this a release from more than just a nightmare? I may be reading too much into this, but it seems to me he’s freeing himself from (the memory of) Amy too…

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