Strangely altered

Friday Flash story is with you, this time with a bit of a sci-fi theme in it. 



 Strangely altered

The hunter drew the string of his bow.

He aimed precisely at the drinking water deer, breathless, only counting in mind before the release.

The tip of the arrow was sharp, hungry for blood.

The hunter breathed out and freed the tin string.

The arrow flew straight.

Something flashed and the hunter couldn’t see his prey.

To be sure he took out his knife and ran to finish off the deer.

When he reached the spot, his dinner was gone and so was the arrow. He searched for blood but only found running hoof prints dug into the dirt. Baffled and confused, and with an empty stomach he left the woods.

His arrow was still flying.

And it was gaining speed.

A hole ripped through time and space, opening a portal, and the arrow developed a very peculiar trajectory.

It went through Aristotle’s Physics Book VII with a loud hhhrraaapppp leaving a big hole in it; knocked the poison off Hannibal’s hand; hit the falling from a tree apple; broke the lock of a zoo cage holding a particular type of mammal known as wolf and also tiger; pierced through the heads of a dozen strangely dressed man throwing chests overboard; then it entered a final portal, before finding its stop by hitting a solid white wall and breaking into few burning pieces.

–         We messed up big time didn’t we doc? – Asked the young assistant taking the tip of the arrow with a metal tong.

–         I’m afraid we did… – replayed the doctor staring at his computer screen, while red alert sounded throughout the whole laboratory.


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