The Island

Flash Fiction Saturday!

 A piece inspired by not a few books, and same not a few movies/ tv shows.

Enjoy 🙂  



 The Island

Waves splashed somewhere very near. They were probably just calmly touching the shore, but to the man lying on the hot beach they sounded like falling thunders. Salty water was burning on his lips, and tiny pieces of sand were like pinned to his cheek.

It was hard for him to open his eyes.

The sun was right above his head, making him feel even more sleepy and tired.

He put all of his remaining power to raise his head and open his eyes.

After a few seconds of blurry pictures his vision cleared but what he saw was not what he’d hoped to see.

Paranoia and fear made his heart beat faster than an African drum. He stood on elbows and knees with water dripping from his ragged clothes.

The wild life of the melancholic jungle greeted him again.

The same jungle.

Someone blocked the sunlight and reached a hand to him:

–         I told you there is no escaping from this island Vergil. You’d only kill yourself trying. Come now. I’ve cooked some meat for today. For your returning.

Vergil opened his mouth and closed it again.

He stood up with shaking feet and gave the sea an unspoken pray. Hope was all there left for him.

Then stumbling, he followed the other man.


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