In the house of doors

A bit late with this one, sorry for that! Not at my best, but still not half bad 🙂

So it’s a Sunday/Monday story, first for the new year and without any more talking here’s the story. Enjoy your reading 🙂

In the house of doors

The air coming through the keyhole was cold. Her green eye blinked when she moved again to look into it. Just for a mere second she saw an empty hallway, with broken lights, most of them dead and shattered, but some still giving signs of life, flickering fast like many nervous fireflies flying around, battling one another. The hallways had many doors. The one right across the room she was in was still unopened. She only hoped it remains that way, as well as the other rooms down the line. She sighted and rested her back against the wall still close to the door. To listen. And be prepared.

She was probably safe for now. There sitting in the dark, no sound, no smell, no nothing. Even her presence was hard to feel. As if she didn’t have any heartbeat. Nor any shape. Existence was hard to describe, hard to picture. She found out that pretty quick. Only her thoughts kept her sane, reminded her she is still alive, and this is no dream. Dreams did not have this many doors with no end.

She blended with the room, became its background just like she’d done before. Everything remained silent. Now she just needed to gain some rest in here, than start moving again. Constant moving was probably her only chance by far.

But alas her eyelids were getting heavy, and just how easy it was for them to let sleep push them down until they are closed. She was tired, so very tired. Running chaotically for… how long was it? Her fingers were in her hair, trying to remember. She’d lost track of time. Then again how could you keep track of something which simply doesn’t exist? She didn’t count the days, hours, minutes, seconds, but the doors she opened fifteen so far. Scattered all around in no particular order – open one you get five floors up, open another one you might just end up at the beginning. It was a game of guess, a game of luck. So far hers worked in a twisted way, keeping her alive, but still just far enough from the last door separating her from escape. She hugged her knees with both arms. It was cold in this room. So very cold. She blocked the feeling, and concentrated on thoughts of past moments, and present horror.

Fear and hope were battling with each other right from the start. When the first door was about to be opened she felt both. Fear grew more every time her hand was on the bronze door handle. Hope took a peek as the door made its little scream while being opened.

Now those two feelings had found solid ground. Fear was being lost forever in this labyrinth of rooms and hallways. Hope was getting the hell out of here as fast as she could. And she was certain an exit in a red light waited for her somewhere in one of those 1002 rooms.  Plus minus one or two, sealed or destroyed.

They never stayed in the same place for very long, the doors that is. They altered themselves, moved. Shifted if must. And yet again there was another factor more disturbing than the unknown origin of the doors. And he was contributing to her nightmare, to her confusion and her fear. Walking after her, searching, tracing the air like an animal out for a hunt. The bastard seemed to find her every time she ran, hoping further. He played games with her at first, almost as if he knew where was she going to be next, but then he got tired, started smashing the doors down instead. The floor got covered in wood. He wanted her. But for reasons, she did not dare to imagine. “What was that?” she turned her head blindly in the dark, eyes fixated on the door. She thought she heard something. Almost like a noise you hear but can’t tell from where it comes. Very quiet.

“Sally…oh Sally…come out, come out wherever you areeeee”. Her thoughts got completely cut off this time, like a wire- the connection with inner mind broke and she was welcomed to reality, heartbeat racing, limbs stiff, unable to move. Was that just now someone’s voice, coming from a distance? Was it his voice calling for her to play, or her imagination was doing tricks? She wanted to stand up, take a look through the keyhole but dared not move. She was almost breathless. He was never so close before. There were no more voices in the hallway. Just imagination…She was tired, needed sleep.

“Sallyyy…. I’m coming pretty girl, and I’ve brought a friend with meee”. His growling voice echoed. A laugh, almost as a bark came after it. Then there was the sound of something sharp scratching the walls. Her skin crawled. How was this possible? After all the rooms she changed, the non-stop moving all the time, and there he was. Somewhere in the long corridor, enjoying every step he takes with a knife in hand. How far was he? She couldn’t tell. Might be days from her, depended on where the room sends him. But there was no sound of opening doors. Just him whistling. Closer and closer and closer… Sally started repeating in her mind “Not 719, not 719, not 719…”

–         Sally, you’re not hiding in 716 are you?  Oops, I mean 719. You are a clever girl. But you were following a certain pattern when entering those rooms weren’t you? – The sound from the knife was terribly close. So was his voice. Low and raspy. Whispering to the walls, the doors, the always flickering lights and to her. He made a pause then continued- At first I was baffled, but then it came to me- why don’t I calculate the numbers? Surprisingly I turned out to be right- you were following some intuitive pattern. Tracked it to here. Changed the number before you came. Changed it to both of the rooms. That way you’d either be in 719 or 716. Let’s see –  A door was being opened as he spoke… Not hers. He picked the wrong one. Sally couldn’t believe her luck! He’d be lost now, and that would give her time to find the way out. She slowly stood up, unlocked the door and pressed the handle. For the first time she could smile.

–         Did I forget to mention I don’t get lost in my own world? These doors, I’ve created them. I get to pick whether I go, or stay. – The door slid open- Hello, Sally. Fancy running into you here – Sally moved back, fearing his piercing eyes and hoping she’d disappear into the darkness with the next step and then would find herself on a new floor, lost again, standing before many cold and dark rooms…but far away from him. She cursed the moment of curiosity, the feeling, the need to discover the unknown. She cursed herself for opening the door which led here.

Sally made one more step back, surrendering to the blackness, closed her eyes and held them like that a bit longer. When she opened them, his were still piercing her.


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