Merry & Snow

Hello there!

This is a story just in time for the Christmas holidays.  Without much explanations, I simply wish you all happy holidays,  a good rest from work, and a  Merry Christmas with loads of great gifts ! 🙂  Cheers & enjoy this short story of love and friendship.


Merry & Snow

The metal blades of her skate shoes scratched the thick ice layer of the frozen lake. From aside she looked like she was dancing, spinning around, her body in perfect symphony with the music of the silent forest.

Then again if watched from above she could have been taken for an artist, a painter of the abstract, drawing tin white lines with those metal blades. She could be anyone, or anything, if she sang she would be a singer as well. But she was only Merry. And she was dancing with Snow under the falling snowflakes, melting on her face.

He on the other hand didn’t require skate shoes to slide on the ice. Unlike Merry, Snow couldn’t be pictured as anyone or anything different then what he appeared to be. The imagination of a possible intruder on that lone and lost lake in the woods would simply not comprehend the view before his eyes. Because Snow was a talking, laughing and sliding on the ice real snowman- always smiling wide, with big black marble eyes, black top hat, long red scarf wrapped around his neck twice, loads of different sized and shaped buttons, and a long, long pointycarrot nose of which he tended to make jokes.

Now Merry had her hands either in his tin and wooden, or was holding him by the scarf, while going all over the ice. They’ve been dancing for hours. Time became unneeded once she stepped on the surface of the frozen lake, the forest grew silent; the birds went away followed by the wind. Nature, sense, reason & time- all of them left the two alone. They left Snow to stare at the woman’s red hair, flowing around as she spun; left him to listen to her laughter, to her stories.

Merry was a woman now. All grown up. And as unbelievably as it sounds, Snow remembered the first time she came to him, a 6 or 7 year old girl with freckles and hair as red as the sky lightened by the setting sun. She wasn’t afraid of him, but curious. He could still remember her tiny, ringing voice as she asked him if he would play with her on the deeply frozen lake. She apologized for not bringing skate shoes for him too.  He was so puzzled by this little human being that he let her take him on the ice, and he danced with her, clumsy at first, not sure how dancing should be done. But she was a clever girl. Knew every step, and taught him the dance she used to do with her father. He couldn’t come with her on the lake today, she said, has been busy every day. They used to come here every year, the two of them, but not anymore. So she came by herself without her dad having the slightest idea of her whereabouts. The snowman wasn’t sure what to say to her, because he knew nothing of people and their way of life. He did only as asked- danced and played with the girl all day long, until dark. When she asked him what his name was, he gave no answer- he wasn’t given any. So she named him Snow, and introduced herself as Merry.

Every year since then, right after the snow had fallen and covered everything in his white dress Merry took her skate shoes and went to the lake to surprisingly find Snow waiting for her there. He soon learned more about people, of what they liked or hated; of their feelings and needs. Year by year he felt closer to becoming human, which he liked, because was able to understand Merry better, and every time he was about to melt, he reminded himself that. The very next year he used to open his eyes with that very same thought. While waiting for Merry, he danced by himself, training to maneuver his body on the ice, as if dancing. The result, as Snow found out, made her utterly happy.

As he watched her now, so many memories came back. Snow had learned that was part of being human. Remembering things and moments with people who you care about, and no matter the amount of time that had passed, those memories are there, and become alive as soon as you lay eyes on that very same person shaping them.

Merry let go of him made a circle and stopped:

“Hey Snow, I was thinking about the first time we met 19 years ago. I still can’t believe it to this day. All those years coming here. And you always waiting for me. Didn’t you get tired? What if I didn’t show up?”

“You would never do that. As I will never be tired to wait and greet you- Snow made a pause not sure why she was asking those things.- You don’t want to come here anymore?”

“No, silly, of course I want to come! You were my first friend. You are my best friend Snow. I will come here for as long as I’m alive. – She looked in his button black eyes, and again as many times before waited for a blink. There was none. – Snow what will happen with you when I….die? Can you go somewhere? I’ve asked before, but aren’t there others like you? – He shook his head to those last two questions silently answering no.

“Don’t know what will happen – Something pushed the thoughts into his brain of snow- I will probably disappear, melt down, to never be reborn again. The next year. I will die as well.”

“But there will be snow again. You can be alive again- said Merry with hopes. She never stayed with Snow when he melted. She couldn’t bare the view.”

“There will be no Merry- He saw her eyes widen- You are the one keeping me here, not the snow. I live through you; exist because you need me. For a dance, remember?” – Snow’s smile became even wider as he laughed a bit, then he casually scratched his nose, and Merry thought he looked very human just now.

She slid towards him and hugged him, standing on the tips of her blue skate shoes.

“I will never forget a year Snow. I will never miss it. So you better be here waiting for me when I come back. – She whispered to him. The wind was back, and Merry didn’t want it to take her words to the forest and its inhabitants.

“I will” – Snow still did not understand what death truly was, to people, but to him dying was only equal to not seeing Merry. Ever again.

“Merry Christmas Snow- the melting snowflakes mixed with her hot tears- I love you. – She pushed back from the snowman’s tall figure, sent a kiss and gave it to the wind to give to him. The trees started moving with unease, waving a goodbye. The lake was nothing more than a blur mirror to the darkening sky. Snow felt something which was there all along, but needed a word to be acknowledged.

– I love you too… Merry.”

As Snow slowly moved to his place under the big oak tree, awaiting the cycle of his dying and awakening from death to begin, night fell above the forest, hid the trees deep into the color black, made the lake invisible for all, and left the dark hours for the yellow eyed night creatures and the music of the wind.


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