As I counted to three

I bet a lot of kids asked themselves what in the world comes after three.  My parents never played that game on me. I believe nothing happens. But just in occasions….

As I counted to three

My mother always used to count to three, to make me do something that I didn’t want to. And she always succeeded. I didn’t wait to hear what comes after three. I was too scared of that number, of the unknown to come after it. I never dared to ask. I lived in fear.

Now as a grown man I ask random people what comes after tree, and none of them knows. I am no longer afraid of that childish nightmare of mine, but am curious. Turned out my mother didn’t know the answer to her punishment theme song as well.

Soon I figured it out on my own as I counted to three before chopping her up, before doing the same to those random people.

One… two…three. Hm. Only silence comes after it.  Silence in red.


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