Hello there! This is a ..

No don’t leave yet!  Hold on a sec, you’ll get to like this….

So as I was saying this blog of mine will eventualy turn into a place where I will be posting short fiction stories, photographs, but mostly stories, which I will cross my fingers you’ll like :) And if in the mood some non-fictions as well ( can’t promise that, a mind too twisted here)

My name is Cindy, as you already know, and there is a tiny link to my Twitter page if you feel like following me :) I’m new to blogging, might say I’m new to this way of writing/posting, but I am very excited about it , and I will try to do my best of learning the way :D

Take care all, enjoy your stay here , and hope you have fun reading as much as I do writing,

Best whishes

Cindy V.

2 responses to “About

    • Hello to you too Lorrie!
      Very glad I spotted your flash in the Twitter sphere, which of course led me to your wonderfull blog which I would be gladly visiting!

      Indeed it’s always lots of fun to meet a fellow flash writer and fan. Thank you for following me back!


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